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The Artists House- Baan Silapin


How to Get to The Artists House- Baan Silapin

longtail boat

On a Tour of the klongs by longtail boat, the guide pointed out Baan Silapan to us as we surged past– slowing briefly, more to tease than to excite– but frustrated by the lack of opportunity, I decided I would return to investigate the fascinating building.


Baan Silapin- The Artist's House- Thonburi Bangkok

Directions To The Artist's House

The Artists House is set on a Klong and located in the Thonburi area of BKK.
Travel by BTS train to Wongwian Yai stop.
Within the station walk in the same direction the train was going until you reach the end and leave by the steps on your left to street level.
Hail a taxi from this side of the street and ask the driver to take you to Soi 3 Charansanitwong Road.
Follow this Soi (side street 3) to its end and on your right you will see a small concrete bridge used by pedestrians and motorcycles crossing the klong (canal). Once on the other side turn left and follow along the klong for a short distance where you will discover this delightful and quirky building.
Try your hand at mask painting.
Relax here for an hour or more.
Tea, coffee and hot chocolate available.
Light snacks.

Puppet Show at Baan Silapin

The entertaining Puppet show is performed Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. 

Check online for current opening times and performances. 

Skilled puppeteers manipulate and bring the mannequins to life with captivating gestures and action while also interacting with the spectators. The performance is highly entertaining for both adults and children. 

Note:  Closed Wednesdays. 

Galleries and Artist's Workspace

You will find an upstairs gallery of paintings and also, scattered through the many areas are artworks, masks, photographs and imaginative decoration. A number of artists use a collection of studios where you can see them at work.

An Artist's Paint Box

I was rather taken by the display of an arrangement of various items gathered together. Was it a still-life presentation or a useful selection of items for use by visitors to use in their creative attempts?

Artist's House

Visitors are Encouraged to Participate if they Choose

Visitors can paint pictures with the materials provided if they so desire. Blank masks are on hand to be decorated with the plentiful pots of paint using the brushes available.

The Model Dances to Her Own Agenda

On the second floor while studying the paintings I notice the photographer and model. They are in an adjoining room. She is wearing a sari and  seated on the floor, changes her pose often while holding a guitar on her lap. He is intent on the camera settings as he snaps the pictures from many angles. Finally the session is finished and she stands and stretches her arms above her head. He turns away to flick through the images. Unseen by all except me she does a little dance while he has his back to her. It appears it is her dance of victory and freedom to be herself. She has a delightful smile on her face and winks at me as she catches my eye. I smile in acknowledgement of her actions. She pops open a parasol and spins it as she disappears down the steps.

parasol bright colours
Colourful Dragon Emblazoned Parasol
Kanchanaburi River Kwai Station

Taste the Elixir

I wonder if spinning the parasol after posing patiently as the model for the photographer is yet a further statement that the submission is temporary, and she now regains her advantage by spinning the dragon to throw him off balance.

The Puppet Show

Puppets at Baan Silapin
Puppets at Artists' House- Baan Silapin
Puppets-flowers and Josh-sticks Baan-Silapin
Baan-Silapin- View of longtail boat on the klong.
Baan-Silapin- View of longtail boat.

The Upstairs Gallery

The teak staircase leads to the upstairs gallery that overlooks the klong.

Cool Breezes from the open Shutters

Upstairs Gallery at Baan Silapin
Upstairs Gallery at Ban Silipan

Crossing the Bridge to Baan Silapin

Baan Siliapin klong
Baan Siliapin klong