Amphawa Floating Market

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Thailand- Amphawa

Located in Samut Songkhram Province 80K west from Bangkok.

The Weekend Market is extremely popular as a weekend getaway with Thais.

Amphawa is hidden away on a loop of canal (or klong) that diverts from the Maiklong, a river similar in width to the Chao Phraya that flows through Bangkok.

Welcome Amphawa

Floating Market Boats cooking and serving tantalizing dishes
Floating Market Boats cooking and serving tantalizing dishes
Diners by the Amphawa Klong

How to Get to Amphawa Market from Bangkok

You could visit with an organised day trip with a tour company.

Or  Independently drive or take the bus from Mo Chit, or the Southern Bus Terminal —Pinkalao.

Note:  It is recommended that you book accommodation ahead or else make a day trip of the visit. It gets quite crowded, so try to get there early. Lots of delicious food within the buildings or cooked and served directly from the boats as you sit canalside.

But wait– Before you jump on the bus to Amphawa you could be more adventurous and take the train. From Bangkok, depart from Wangwian Yai SRT Station. Follow the link below for an adventure you will never forget.

Photos-on-bridge by newly arrived travellers
Photos on the pedestrian bridge over the Amphawa Klong

How to Get to Amphawa from The Umbrella Fold Down Market at Samut Songkhram.

You will need to catch a Songthaew from this side of the river not too far from where the train stopped. Amphawa is 4K upstream from here. There is no public river transport unless you are lucky enough to enlist the aid of a willing longtail boat skipper.

So, let’s go. Walk back out of the station and turn left immediately. Go one short block and turn right into Kasum Sukhum Alley. Continue  along this street until it sweeps slightly around to the left and becomes wider. It’s only a fairly short walk and on your left is a 7/Eleven Shop. The blue Songthaews are parked along the side road here near the shop. Last one leaves at 6pm. If you don’t see them continue around to the left. 

 On one occasion they were further around the corner and the depot was in an open shed with the taxi trucks lined up in a row. If you don’t initially see them a quick inquiry will gain direction from the friendly folk.

Songthaews at Samut Songkhram
Songthaews at Samut Songkhram

Accommodation in Amphawa


Accommodation is mainly Homestay and these are everywhere throughout the village. Monday to Thursday when the market is not open, you will easily find a room for half price. It’s a great place to chill out. Longtail boat rides still operate visiting local temples and in the evening opportunities to view the mass of fireflies in trees along the waterways. For a 50 baht fare the trips are great value.

Amphawa on the Klong shown on a quiet weekday where you easily can find ‘Homestay’ accommodation for around 600 baht a night.

Visiting on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, when the floating market is in full swing it will be around 1200 baht a night. Advisable to book ahead.

Homestay on the Amphawa Klong
Homestay on the Amphawa Klong

The Market Bursts into Life on Each Weekend

Car Parks fill and the Homestays and nearby hotels and Resorts are booked out quickly so if you have plans to visit, get in early unless you are happy with a day visit— or settle for a quiet weekday or two when rooms are available at half price.

Tempting Array of Dishes straight from the Boats
Preparing Dishes on the Boats

Explore the Maiklong Temples by Longtail Boat

Your Homestay will be able to arrange a pickup and tour along the Amphawa klong, the majestic Maiklong and other nearby waterways stopping at Wats of your choice alongside the canals.


Visiting Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong by Longtail Boat
Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong

The Market comes alive about mid afternoon and peaks in the evening and into the night, so you have plenty of time to enjoy the sights while your appetite builds.

The Market Stretches Out Beyond the Klong
The Market Stretches Out Beyond the Klong

Evening Firefly trip

Your Homestay can arrange a trip to see the fireflies at night. The cost is about 50 baht per person in a boat with at least six passengers. It is about an hour trip and you travel along the klong stopping at strategic low hanging trees to chance the spectacle. The boat continues out into the Maiklong for further pauses with the motor turned off and drifting slowly with the river flow as you observe with fascination the tiny insects and their strange ability.


Amphawa Klong at Night. Boats heading off with tourists to see the fireflies
Amphawa Klong at Night

Streets surounding the Klongside area are also filled with stalls and shops selling all kinds of wares for the eager visitor. Surely there is a foodstall or cafe or souvenir shop that will appeal to your tastes.

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Amphawa Floating Market Bursts Into Life

Amphawa Cruising the Klongs